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Distinctive coffee. Distinctive freshness. Distinctive price.

Distinction Coffee was born out of an distinctive idea. There's no question that the coffee market is broad and saturated. And the reality is you have a lot of options. But the truth is this: You're overpaying for your coffee at your local shop, and you have no idea when it was roasted. Many shops roast once a week, or twice a week at best. But that doesn't mean it's only a week old - it could have been sitting on the shelf for weeks. Considering coffee starts to lose it's freshness and flavour after a month, that matters.

That's where we're different. We work with an importer in southern Ontario to obtain the highest quality beans. We have both single origin as well as some great blends available. They don't get roasted until you literally click the "submit order" button. And we do that all for less than what you're paying right now. Considering the average bean goes for around $20-24 dollars for a 300g bag, you'll find that we give you a 454g (1-lb) for the same price if not less, right to your door.

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Take a look through our catalog. You'll find a great selection of single origin and blends available and cover just about everybody's taste. Don't see something you're looking for? Let us know, we can most likely get it listed for you.

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We roast when you place your order and not before. Once it's done we pack and ship your order. Delivery is done either by Canada Post or courier (we use whatever is most affordable). Delivery is FREE for Ontario orders over $49, and Canada wide over $69.

Enjoy the difference

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your coffee. Our coffee is guaranteed to be high quality, fresh, and easier on your wallet. At the same time, we give back a portion of our proceeds to environmental causes.

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