Distinctions "Perk-Elite" Program

Another day slaving away behind an admin panel, and Distinction Coffee is proud to announce the launch of our loyalty program, "Perk-Elite". We launched this for the obvious purposes of customer retention and also to provide yet another leg up over our competition. Not only do you already enjoy some of the best bean prices in the mid to upper-tier coffee bean market, now you'll get rewarded as well.

How does it work?

By default every single customer is automatically enrolled. There is no additional userid/password needed, you'll simply use the userid/password you created for the Distinction Coffee store. On the bottom right of our homepage you'll see a little icon. Simply click it and if you're logged in it will give you your Perk-Elite status update. This will show how many beans you have, and how far you are away from your next reward.

How do I earn points?

Every single purchase will result in beans being placed into your account. We kept it simple. For every dollar spent, exclusive of taxes and shipping costs, you get a bean. (You also get credit for referrals, see below).

How do I spend points?

From your loyalty panel, simply click Ways To Redeem and you will be able to take a percentage off your order. 100 Beans = 10% off your order, and 200 Beans = 20% off your order.


Our loyalty panel also has a unique URL referral code. This can be shared via text, social media, etc. For every person that uses your referral code, you'll instantly get a coupon for 20% off your order once they make a purchase. As well, the person who makes the order (ie the new customer) also gets 10% off their first order. Note: This system is automatically monitored matching customer names, with paypal/credit card accounts, so no, you can't refer yourself onto another email address. If abuse is found your loyalty account will be closed and orders canceled.


This explains the majority of the features of our new program and the loyalty panel is pretty straightforward. However if you have any questions please feel free to contact us via email over on our contact us page.

Happy Shopping!

Distinction Coffee

Distinctive Quality. Distinctive Price.

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