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Contest winners, new beans, and our upcoming loyalty program

Contest Winners - One free bag of coffee!

Distinction Coffee has had a great first week. We send thanks to our customers and based on feedback it looks like everybody is enjoying their coffee. Let's start off with the free beans!

Distinction Coffee had two recent contests:

1) Pre-launch website signup

2) Name our loyalty program

We are happy to announce that the winner of the pre-launch signup free bag of coffee is Alyssa M. from SW Ontario. Alyssa, we will be reaching out soon to get your choice of bean and roast and we'll ship out a 1-lb bag, free of charge.

We also had a recent contest to name our loyalty program. This ended up being a team effort between Sara B. and Maria L., also from SW Ontario. They worked together to name our new loyalty program, "Perc-Elites". Each of them will also score a free 1-lb bag of coffee roasted to their choosing. We'll be reaching out to both of you soon as well.

Lineage - Tanzania Peaberry

New Coffee Added!
Lineage - Tanzania Peaberry


Distinctions "Lineage" - A very popular bean among astute coffee drinkers that look for specific flavours in their cup.

Tanzania Peaberry is a full bodied coffee with a chocolatey aroma and a wine-like finish. The Peaberry connotation indicates that only 1 bean grows inside of the coffee cherry instead of 2 giving it the opportunity to absorb all of the nutrients that it would normally have to share. This also gives it a round shape. Some connoisseurs will swear that the peaberry mutation results in a higher quality coffee and we think it's definitely worth a try.

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New Loyalty Program - "Distinction Perc-Elites"

We're excited to launch a loyalty program in the near future. It will offer points which can be used for discounts on future purchases. Points can be earned by both purchases as well as referrals - ie you'll have a private link you can share. If a new customer uses your referral link you'll instantly earn points as well. And don't worry if you've already bought our amazing coffee - all existing customers and purchases will be retroactively credited!

That's it for this issue. Once again thanks for joining us on our journey to deliver fantastic quality coffee to Canada at prices that beat the brick and mortar stores and online shops alike.

Distinction Coffee

Distinctive Quality. Distinctive Price.

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